SPCN is a club for owners and admirers of all Studebaker and Packard automobiles; passenger cars, commercial and military vehicles as well as vehicles built with Studebaker or Packard components such as V 8 engines in Hudson and Nash (1955 1956) and brands that have in some way been part of the Studebaker and / or Packard history, such as Pierce Arrow and Rockne. We are also open to other smaller US brands such as Kaiser-Frazer, Willys and AMC.



Every year, members of the club organize a number of rides through the most beautiful parts of the Netherlands. This year we enjoy a ride through Zuid-Holland on April 2 from Bleiswijk. In May we will visit the European Studebaker Meet in Switzerland, and in June the European Packard meeting in Germany. On Father’s Day, June 18th, we are enjoying the surroundings of Rotterdam. After the summer holidays we drive a tour through Overijssel on 27 August. On September 9th we celebrate the International Drive Your Studebaker Day near Nijmegen. Each one of these beautiful rides where meeting each other and enjoying each other’s cars is an important part.



The club magazine The Corporation appears four times a year. The topics discussed in the club magazine are written by the members. Of course, the topics that our members have provided are the top priority. Our motto is therefore:
“For members by members”.



The Studebaker-Packard Club Netherlands, abbreviated SPCN, was founded on May 29, 1999. The club is a Overseas Region of The Packard Club and an Overseas Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club (SDC).

The board consists of:
Chairman Boudewijn Arentshorst (voorzitter@spcn.nl)
Secretary Kees Jongenburger (secretaris@spcn.nl)
Treasurer Herman Blaak (penningmeester@spcn.nl)
Ritten coordinator Piet Nicola (evenementen@spcn.nl)
International contacts Paul Dammes (p.dammes@kpnplanet.nl)
Editor “The Corporation” Arie Klaver (redactie@spcn.nl)



The annual membership fee is € 55, – and runs from 1 January to 31 December of the calendar year.